Grandpa Norm Says Goodbye (poetry)

Waking up to Grandpa Norm wanting to go for a walk

With a cheery smile, he says this will be the last walk of his life

We walk over the dike from the cottage, onto Sunset Beach

There are pelicans in the air and a gentle breeze ruffling our hair

We are both silent and happy, carefully watching every step

He asks me about those things he will never see

What of the lighthouse of Alexandria?

Even though it was destroyed millenia ago

What was it like, he asks

I tell him to look out, to the distant island

And if he squints, he will see one just like it

He will see its towering presence

It is so large we are in its shadow

It now dominates the skyline

Together, we are there, we see it, we wonder

Then, he looks at me again

He asks about the music by Mozart

He has heard it, and loved it, yet, want to hear it again

The adagio of Klavierkonzert

Do I know it, I forget

But I start humming the first song that comes to my mind

I tunelessly try to capture a masterpiece

But soon the air is filled with a soft beauty

This is the music he wants, something beautiful

We both have smiles on our face, as we continue down the beach

Both of our eyes looking over the stones

Maybe we will find an arrowhead

Maybe we will find something we did not even expect could exist

Here, is the grizzled tree stump of a towering giant

Who once upon a time my father rested in the shade of

Here, in the bluffs, are the sand dunes I played in with my brothers

Digging to China, digging a palace

My grandpa and I, on this last day, we see it all.

The world unfolds around us, the universe revealed

The mysteries demystified

Life as a dream, the dream all around us

Everything is, as it is

Everything to be, will be as it is

And here, as the music of my grandfathers life exeunts



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