Picking Up Booze (short story)

What was it I was supposed to get again? Six pack of beer, bottle of wine and a twosix of vodka? I hate vodka I hope I don’t have to drink any of that shit. Maybe I could get rum instead, would anyone notice? I should just stick to what I’m supposed to get, what’s the point of agreeing on something if I just break my word? Will that be enough liquor or too much? There’s four of us, I think it will be good. Will it be too much? I think it will be ok. We’ll be pissed, but I guess that’s the point.

Here’s the little liquor store now. Haha, I wonder when they’ll know me on a first name basis. Then, there’s always a different staff member here, they’ll never recognize me. That’s ok. Who wants to be recognized at the liquor store? OK. What beer should I get? I’m putting up with vodka, I should at least get beer that I like. How drunk do I want to be? What a stupid question? How drunk do I want to get? Should I get pissed should I go crazy should I dance on top of tables? Haha. It’s fun to joke in my mind but I don’t like the bitterness that floats along with this stream of thought. Do I even want to drink tonight? Am I just drinking because that’s what there is to do? That’s what life is. You drink with your friends.

Maybe a hefeweisan. I like that, not a beer I’d want to get drunk off of but it’s something nice to just have the flavor of. Shit, it’s not cheap though. I suppose the good things in life cost money. That’s ok, it’s just money, there’s always more of it. Sure, let’s get this, maybe if I expose my friends to this they’ll like it and we won’t always have to get vodka. I guess everyone has different taste though, if you like vodka you like vodka. Everybody seems to like vodka, I’m the odd man out.

Where is the vodka? Here it is, at least it’s cheap. Is that why people like it? Just because it’s cheap? Maybe liquor is like a drug and this is just the easiest way to get a hit. Let it disappear in some orange juice and without having to deal with the liquor itself: boom, you’re pissed. I like the taste of a lot of liquors, does that change alcohol being a drug for me? Hell, it’s so cheap, I’ll get the bigger bottle.

Now for the fun part. Which wine should I choose. I’m no connoisseur, I don’t know what things should cost, but I figure I need to get something that is at least expensive enough so that if anybody sees it in the store they won’t think I’m a cheap fuck. It’s all the same to me. This bottle will be fine, I like the shape of it.

OK so what’s the damage at the till? Christ! How many hours did I have to work to pay for this. Well, we’ll share the tab, but still, that is more expensive than I thought. But it’s a night out and the good things in life cost money. Wasn’t I just thinking that? This is a heavy load to bring back, I should’ve driven to the liquor store but then it was such a nice day. It still is a nice day. A sore shoulder is not such a thing to suffer through. I guess I’m looking forward to tonight.

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