Sweet Kid (short story)

Today I am fast. I can go faster than anybody. I wish Tommy could see me go this fast. What if he could run faster than me. Where is Tommy? What did mommy say he had to do? I wish he was here to play with. I hope he’s not doing something secret that I’m not allowed to do. If he doesn’t want to play with me I will tell mommy and she will yell at him. He has to play with me. I bet that I am faster than Tommy today. He is bigger than me but I am growing faster. Mommy says if I eat my broccoli I will become big and I eat more broccoli than Tommy. I should time myself with a watch and see how fast I am. I have a watch somewhere, I wonder where it is? Maybe I should time myself, then have Tommy do the same run and not tell him that I am timing him because I would be timing him secretly. Then, I would know if I am faster and if I am I could tell him “Tommy I did this faster than you.” and he would turn pink and know that I am better than him. I wonder if I ran fast enough if I could fly? That would be so scary but maybe I would be the first person to do it and I would be famous like Einstein and mommy and daddy would watch me flying and the entire world would think I was so great and I would be a famous celebrity. Let me try running even faster.

Zoooooooooom. Zoooooooooooom. I like to make that noise and flap my arms like an airplane. Zoooooooooooooooom. I like how it feels on my arms as I run, the wind, I feel like I’m close to flying. If I could go faster. I could go over the fence, I would look down on the apple tree, I would see mommy through the skylight and she would look up at me and Tommy would join her and his face would turn pink and mommy wouldn’t say anything mean but Tommy would know she wanted to know why Tommy couldn’t fly.

My backyard is so big. It’s one of the biggest in my class. James says his is bigger but I counted my yard all the way around with my feet, then at James birthday I did the same to his and mine was wayyyy bigger. He called me a liar but he’s the liar. He’s just jealous. Mommy says that jealousy is a sin so I bet James goes to hell and he will burn there. Zoom. I wish Tommy would come out and play. I’d like to fight him. He always beats me but one day I am sure I will beat him. I eat broccoli even when mommy says I don’t need to. I am going to be the biggest baddest boy in the school. All the big kids are going to look at me and think “Wow, this guy is scary.” And then they will be scared of me and they


What’s that noise? I didn’t make that noise? Oh no! What could it be. The backyard is safe, daddy built the big fence, he says nothing bad can happen here.


I don’t like that noise. I don’t like it, I don’t like it, I don’t like. Let me run home into my bedroom and watch television I don’t want to play our here any longer I’m tired.


Oh no the noise is close and I don’t want to know what it is but I see it and oh it is nothing scary it is just a tiny puppy. Oh it is ugly. It has no hair. It is gross. I don’t want to look at it. All the girls in my class would be so scared of it. I could put it in Missy’s desk and she would scream and everyone would laugh. I don’t want to touch it though, it looks icky. It’s pink like a valentine’s day card. Good thing Tommy isn’t here, he’d make me touch it and laugh and I would hit him and hurt him and then mommy would be mad and I would be in trouble and wouldn’t get to watch my TV.

The puppy is not scary anymore. Now that I know what makes the noise is just the little puppy the noise is not scary anymore. It is funny! “Mhwareheeeeeeeeeee” hahahahaha, it sounds like a fart hahahaha. I can make the noise too. “Mhwareeeeeeeeeeee.” Hahahaha.

Why is this puppy so ugly? I get my eyes as close to it as I can. My nose is almost touching it but I don’t want to touch it, it looks icky. It’s so small. Maybe it is a baby? I wonder why it has no hair? I have seen puppies before and wanted them but I don’t want this one because it is so ugly. I would any use this one to make hilarious jokes with, like “Hey Missy you know what your face look like, it looks like this dog.” That would be so funny even the teacher would laugh.

Why is it making that noise? I wonder if maybe I get a stick and poke the puppy if it will still make that noise. Where is a stick. Here is a stick. Oh it’s a good one, strong and long. I can poke it from a far distance. Not because I’m scared because I’m not but maybe the little puppy will transform into a big dog or a monster and I need to be smart like daddy always says. I poke it in the side, right in the middle and it makes an even louder noise. This is really funny. I poke it again and again and again and each time I do a little harder to see what the noise will be like. Haha. It is becoming quieter now each time I poke it and I don’t like that. Even when I poke it as hard as I can it doesn’t go louder anymore. The puppy is stupid. Now it’s not making any noise. Why isn’t it making any noise? Oh no what if it died? Oh no oh no oh no oh no. Mommy would be so mad at me. Even though I didn’t do anything wrong she would think because I was poking it with this big stick that it was my fault and I’d be in trouble and Tommy would laugh at me. He would tell everybody in school that I killed a puppy dog and everyone would laugh at me. Oh no oh no oh no.

What do I do? I wish I was strong enough to lift a big rock off the ground and put it on the puppy so it would be hidden and I could watch it become all gooey. But I’m not strong enough yet to do that. What do I do. I don’t want to get into trouble. I will pick him up with the stick yes and I will hide him over here on the other side of the yard where no one goes. Let me dig a hole for him and put him in here. That’s good. No one will find him here. Let me go back to running, playing with this puppy is boring.


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