Unreality (poetry)

living life in an unreal reality

breathing a beauty whose time is ending
loving these last moments,
the foam of a crashing wave
yet here we are
in the heart of dissonance
reveling in chaos
for this brief spark of light
where the chaos is normal


standing on a cloud
staring at those soaring vistas
that haunt our days and our dreams
that this cloud cannot support our weight
that we are doomed to fall to earth
to perish from the speed
the danger of these heights we carelessly mined known
horrible we braved the harrows of our choice

the choice to fall is not our own

to fall to the hard ground of normal
to fall to the hard reality of a disenchanted reality

simply an unavoidable future

a simply law of physics

animals without wings trying to fly

we know that this dark future, it comes
that future

that fall from heaven
it is not here now
for this moment
there is just that little density the cloud gives our feet
there are just the few seconds

which let us peak our head above the high wall of mendacity

to see those forbidden sights of the real world
and here

while we are here
there is this rapture
this forever wonder
at the beauty we are seeing
even if we see it
as we fall away from it
never to see it again
we will remember
harsh humanity
even before we blaze into an ephemeral brilliance
we see our demise
the first wobbles of the spinning top
looked for so acutely
that even if they are not there
we are sure we see them

or maybe we were falling
feeling only the freedom of flight
yet, now, the joy has passed
we do not see the birds so close
playing with us like dolphins in the shallows
their presence pleases us no longer

we do not see the transient wonder
of those infinite interpretations

which the clouds morph through
all we see is the ground
shuttling towards us
to wake us from this dream
to break this pleasant perfection
the ground is far away
but those clouds which were so gorgeous
are now spouting lightning
and with every brief flash
all we see is how much closer the ground is
and with each lightning flash of life
whose brilliance is in many ways wonderful
we see the demise of our deified position
and oh
maybe the lightning is beautiful
but the dark spaces in-between
where we don’t wait for the light to show us the ground
where instead we wait for the crash of the invisible ground
taking away the unreality of this mystic plain

taking away the crashing wave

taking away the wonderful chaos

that is life at this moment


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