slippingtoSomewhere (poetry)

i wanna play this song on repeat / it don’t have a beat / which is what makes it neat / cause I don’t see beats / which makes me feel incomplete / enfeebeled / and how am i supposed to start a letter / showing my better mind / if I can’t even find / just feel fucking blind / let me fight this grind / add to the list of all those things I never found / that voice I used to use for you just a mist / that I miss / now all I’ve got is some new hiss / that feels lissless / blissless / loveless / when did I lose the doves in my mind / when did we ever stop searching for what we might find / Jenn are you alright / how is the good ol fight / do you still feel like you have sight / or has it become a type of night / that you just wish would make right / fuck ights / fucks fucks / how are you lady? / hope you’re okay maybe / hope you’re flowin and goin and dreaming aint fleein just beein eyes open and seeing and still hopin for something new each mornin and wondering what luck might come, instead of come undone, instead of fall down, hopin for the being instead of the dissapearing / who is we again? / maybe we ares far enough to know we never go to wheres we were prayin to go by that don’t mean that this not there is a no where is a no go is a no glow / aint we all still a type of beautiful, even if it’s more amore a mystiful than we thought when was those young bucks who could look at the moon and not see gloom, share a room and make our minds zoom make our minds go vroom make our minds fly as we knew we had this cry is us that was no fuss to yell and every challenge would be felled every devil felled dreams felled us up dream high and high into the sky they could never die there’s nothing wry in imagining we could be more than miles high and be and see and be full of glee forever or or for all that forever is worth a forever rebirth and then did it happen to you? we get brought back to earth / I remember red / its  a color you said / but now I’m blind and it looks dead / just another dread grey / another grey ash / another lash / for what I failed to have the passion to fasten / that I just wasn’t fast enough to find / that I don’t know how to escape / is there a way to catch a break / go under that slide / a place in my mind I like to hide / where the lights were bright / and everything was alright / and / and/ I still dreamed alright / without this fucking dimmed eyesight / I’ve lost my might / I’ve lost my love of life / and I’m left with my like / it doesn’t feel alright / but / then / I look back / at those racks of memory / that are all buried / and I see them flow / behind me forever more / and I can hope / without being a dope / that this is a river behind / so its a river before / and the flashfloodingWONDER of before / don’t mean the future doesn’t have a different type of soar / don’t mean it can’t have a different type of door / a different type of more / let me not look back / let me roll down the hill in a sack / let me remember that today aint the end / it’s just a part of a bend / and may my feet send me / towards a future where I get to be / the me I want to be / and if I am just me / then it should be with ease / I can again be at peace

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