fuckingod (poetry)

up left sideways in/out
whassa the difference
youse what what what
nevaz ask whys, who cares
where’s we alls break
where’s we alls break
where’s we alls break
highas lowas breaks yourself
shatter shatta
bes on the edge
wheres do you break
wheres you break
is where’s you be

shadda shadda shadow shatter
youse be use be us be whose
wheres the heart if there aint no nerves there
prays and praya
god aint dead
he’s just be lost lost
we’d go and find him, yeah?
where be god in your heart?
I can’ts hear him
but I know’s he’s there

scared afread
lesbe the fear makers
less break this shit down
there be no god but the god and whose be the god
and, how we’d make him
you pray to me I pray to youse
god be here if he’s here he can’t be no where else
or maybes everywhere
where be the heart
where be the mind
not where the heart IS
throws the mind out
throws the MIND OUT
we’d gonnas find the god

prey pray praise paid
I dunno never knew
who the fuck woulds
you know
you know
asks me
ethereal I’s be, aint no’s dreama
just a, a not enough
a not nothing but I aint aint
so so so so so
let’s not be’s ourself
let’s fall through the cracks
what’s you scared of
let’s go play with it
let’s go love it, fuck it, kiss it,
be it be it be it be it
hows we fight the night if we’d don’t be the night
hew’s we be we be and we start with a scream
end with a laugh
wanna be in love, devil
I like your singing voice

whesbe the devil
cept where we gotta search
the truth be in the devil
cus there aint no light there
and we searched in the easy
didn’t even find no keys
so whys be the evil the evil and the good the good
whys be we’s be hatin ourselves
all the ding dang time
when I tell’s you I don’t be bad
I at least don’t trys to be bad
I wanna be the good guy
but then I dont’s and I don’t gets it I don’t
so be the devil maybe gotta be the same?
who said bad/good evil love I says I dunno
you’s look at me and tell’s me you’re good good
I don’t I don’t
pray pray
prey prey
pray pray
hope dawk
no not nope hard fight live loaf
whe’s where why’s why
free Willy
oh can’t we breaks
and then be
cus this shit aint be real

we aint gettin there
we aint touchin it
we be xplorin and not findin
that be okay okay
but where be the key the key the key
this be it
out out brief candle
don’ts you tell me I disappears before I get to see see
don’t you tell me that it be beyond
we’s find it
or is it I
or is it we
or is it I
whose knows
gods in a fortune cookie, whose be the one that opened it
did they knows?
whose knows what they knows
I’s or We’s, noes difference, we aints be there
We aint got it
Aint got it
Aint got it aints got it

fuck the fuck the fuck
fucksyousandfucks me
trying not to swear, you know
but gahta gahta gahta scream at the sky
gahta break free
breaks mes

My current plan isn’t working. What does it mean to make a new plan?

brain broket
hart empty
one last try
i don’t get there
there aint be an answer
there still be a god
in this flowa
and that smile
and that blue blue blue day
he’s maybe not give no shit no shit
buts we be gods too, right
we’d be gods
we’d not be betta or worse
we’s be ready to worship
nots by we’s changin
but by we’s bein true strong
the reals true strong
and say
we’s be ready to love

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