No Editing (poetry)

And who am I
Right now
Without a mirror
dissapearing in my mind
dissapeared in my mind
dunno what the what
but a quick primal scream
and who am I
who am I

primus in my hand
laptop in front of me
a laptop at a night club
why am I that fucking guy

head a bit disjointed
the long ways a being here
there is a here here
there is a feeling a capture a sactity
can this be family
all this lonelisness and a wanderin
a bein
who cares what a being is
who cases what a truth is
in my head my head my head my head
pray prey
I’ve used that before
dreaming looking
aint there
knowin that this writing
is a sign of being in between
but if I know what the past is
then what is the future

tearin ripping cryin being
look me in the fucking eye
can’tcha see this aint be the be, be
let go and love and wander
just let the words be true
this is true if I am not
flawed carrier
life disappears
as the song changes
and it is something new now

and we dig darker
we dig deeper
who is we
there is a we, yeah?
like, here there is a a
pitter patter on a keyboard
and it is just me
but what keeps me here
is the idea of you
can’t you
can’t we
feel feel
be be
do yous got your own ideas in your head?
even if it aint be we together
there is nothing in my except who I am
and I follow and I fall and I’m fallow
a bit of a devil but that’s grandiose
pray prey pray prey prey pray wander
and I shout!

Sundowner Waiting (poetry)

And I say to you
let’s start let’s start
and I dunno where it goes
but let’s hope or pray or whatever
that it goes somewhere

I dont want to go anywhere
I want to be home everywhere.
In a bar with a cup of fuming tea and a cigarette>
That is how I want to live my life

i cannot wait to put a face on this fantasy of me and you…its oily …and groovy…
there is music to it…the kind the will keep having me thinking of you waaayyy after….where are you???

condemned to have fun
Kigali is not so bad for that

A place where magic happens

that ws nice for me you know
that was honest

And I say to you
I am lost in my mind
and i am scared
but who are you?

When their dance reach the perfect harmony.

a swirming squirming sneaky persistant mindworm detinating grenades in your brain!

am so fucking hiiiiiiiiiigh

iam happy and always positive

what is happining herer woaw ….

doesnt matter… here we go !!!

wanna socialize and know more people from all countries ,all cultures