Horizon Plane (poetry)

And then ‘poof’ it is gone
as if as if
what is the proof of past light
would take faster than light
to know where it passed
optic nerves mean nothing
is the light to illuminate
or are we to watch
what is purpose
who said there is purpose
who said why why
it’s okay
let’s me smother you
don’t be sad
this living wasn’t why you were here
it was something smaller and larger
pray as the light slips
pray that the light watched
that all there is is the light
and all we were
was witness to light

aint be aint see
shout cry fuck it
we making mountains look like faces
why be that
why is it
we need to mark
it’s all temporal
a moment in a dimension we decay in
break through the wall
shake it
break it
as we decay in it
at the halflife
countin time
when does this heart stop
what were we killing time for anyway
want to fuck?
or at least watch a movie
raging as loud as a scream in a storm
don’t be infantile
change the frequency
humble the sublime
domesticate the heavens
there has to be a chance
that we are the apocalypse
if there is not a chance
that we are destroyers of the world
then what is the point of existance
to be complicit in the threads of time
wrapping us like a snake
milking out energy
as we become walking sarcophageses
I see your plans beezelbub
and your terror gives me no fear
and I know that
it is a purpose to befriend
the closest catacalysm

slithering and I see Eve
and stupid Adam
and beautiful nature
and my own reality
it was not to hurt you to eat the apple
was it not what you wanted
to awaken from heaven
how can you understand the journey
god said do not
you are his flock
a slave, no, to a perfection that was dictated
I just wanted you to feel something
i am sorry it was terror and loss
but now when you miss Eden
you know the pang of something real

gloaming on my my nature
fabricate the algorithim of a better me
more eye contact
less aloof
more open
less so so lost
more lost
less aloof
when I pray
do I think god hears?
would the answer be better one way
or the other
or without the question
walking with no fixed direction
take my apple away
this is not my nirvana
others would appreciate it more
let me start in hell
knowing my demons are recognized
climbing out of the pit
or falling into the abyss
a two dimensional solution
may I be lost in my mind
let me live forever
immortal in the moment
oh this is not life
nor death
nor purgatory
it is a dimension I don’t understand
where does a flame go
when it lights the air on fire

in the wicked way
in the lost way
sensitized to my deviance
those things that used to make me sleepless
now just the aether
the atmosphere for my lethargy
what rocket escapes me from this
do I want to escape
or is this my sanctuary
death’s linearness
leaving me lost in today’s infinites
I know not
I am not
I be not
Here I am

Past the horizon plane
Into the black hole
we find the reversal of time
the apple leaves your hand
you never hear my whispers
it goes back to the tree
and you go back to Eden
and perfection
an apple on your own limb
never knowing the pain of existence

at Meze Fresh (Poetry)

Old man in wintersong
Seasons past and remembered with sparkle
Memories of days before
Always younger,
The linear nature of time
The combustion that we took for granted
People who we hugged
That would disappear
As we took our own immortality
As a given
Time lost
Time squandered
Time loved
Moments past
Become grey
Becoming a piece of furniture
“Excuse me, I am still here”
Becoming defensive
In my day…
Is this not still my day?
Is there some glory
Was there a fight?
Light and wonder
Magic and delirium
But, in the past, the past, the past
Still lost
Still wandering
Still wondering
Still hoping
Still praying
But the prayer has lost hope
Lost the force of god
Routinized decay
For sure there ARE greater pastures
Can’t it be towards
Can’t it be towards
The ship has not just left
The cities are all the same
We were not sold a lemon,
Life can hold an infinite
But in a wrapped dimension
And all we see
Are these dark cracks
Whispers of history
Knowing somewhere deep
To fall through and shift form
Isn’t our fight
To stay on this side of the crack?

Thought there used to be bravery
A new form or art
No rhythym plot of purpose
Just words at their most loosely connected
As if, what it is to be in a mind
There is still a glimmer
I cannot renounce
But I can say
This is not a lifes work
There is not the glory of art here
Little lazy meanderings
A life lived as a spidersweb
With no commitment to a single point
There is no war here
Just a gentle meandering
A river without force
To carry it all the way to the sea
A dormant volcano
Deep in these roots
There is a burning burning
Yet the cap is so strong
Is it in a man to metamorph
Is it the purpose of man to burn
There is no heaven here
Our god was in the hope that a small ripple
Made without consciousness
May mean the whole
Had its purpose

Glass of white wine
Nicely chilled
Giving my brain a cacoon
Does it mean I cannot think any more?
Anymore anymore
These middle ways
These middle ways
Tummy bigger
Brain slower
A rattling jalopy on a runway
We say we did our best
But was this really our very best?
And as the runways end comes closer
And we confront that our wings don’t have lift
Do we decide to still try to fly
Or do we decide to drive off the runway
And see what the bush has in store

And then Archie said to Mr. Lodge
And Garion became Belgarion
And Rand in his darkest mind howled
Bran fell up into the tower

Step by step
Step by step
Don’t think this leads to hope
Just as I hope it does not seem hopeless
The path is not linear
And at the start of the day
As the sun peeks
We can imagine infinite
Today at twilight
There is now something tangible
The soil has been plowed
A life has been lived
Its purpose is not its purpose to understand
Whether something grows,
Is not its purpose
the seeds have been laid
The world is mysterious
With false idols
Let us carry on
A moment of bitterness
If only, if only, if only
Prayer in darkness
A door that may burst open
Fear in the day
Terror in the night
A life that is only, the only
A prayer lost into the wind
I greet you, my friend
And may we both whisper
As life howels around us
Amid each imperfect seed
We lay at our feet