Thoughts On My Relationship With God (Poetry)

The purpose of the universe is oneness

However, it is becoming more chaotic

The universe is going the opposite of oneness

The universe deviates in the opposite direction from its purpose.

Many do not care.

For what is the universe to me?

For me, I do not know if I care or not.

But I do believe that the purpose of the universe is oneness

And that I have a choice, an individual choice.

To work towards oneness

Which is to work towards God

Or to not

It is a choice

I am not sure if there is a right or wrong answer

What does it beget me if the universe accomplishes its purpose or not?

But if I was to be an ally to God

And seek the unity of the universe

Then it would come via energy

For the physical act of oneness is easy to map out

It is just the bringing of all energy in the universe together and igniting it

For that is the oneness

And while that may be very hard to do

What is easy to do is to consciously chart in this direction

To choose to fight against chaos theory and instead garden the universe around us into greater order

And, at an individual level,

Like a wizard with his staff

Do all that we can

In all meanings that we can

Without hiding

To be directing all of the energy of the universe together

If we choose the path of God

Then it is easy

And it is just about a matter of scale

And a matter if we are a match for the countervailing chaos forces against god that seed the aether around us

But before this is the question

Do we seek to be allies to God

Or is this not our fight?

God and the universe should take care of their own problems

Why is their problem my problem?

It is a question I am struggling with

I believe in God

I believe in the direction of filling God’s purpose is that


At an individual level

Must seek to bring the energy of the universe together

That I

At an individual level

Must seek to mobilize an army for God, to achieve God’s purpose


Why must I be an agent of God

I ask

Not to be a heretic

Not to defame, or disrespect, or smear God

But rather because it is a question that deserves an answer

What is it to me if God wins or loses in the battle of oneness over chaos

What is it to me what happens to God?

What is it to me

If the choice is not even about being the ally or enemy of God

But why care about God at all?


But just as being an ally of God is a choice

Ignoring the war of the oneness of God against chaos

It should also be a choice

I know I am not chaos’s ally


I am an ally of God

Or I am neutral

I believe neutral is a choice

Perhaps the axis I operate on is in a different dimension than that of God

As surprising as that might be to God

But I should not be passively neutral

I should consciously choose neutral

My choice is between God and neutral

I wonder how to make this choice?

For how I choose for myself

Will effect the energy I bring in the universe around me