The Universe as a Garden (ideation)

Imagining a biological Dyson sphere

A great tree growing from the seed of the earth

A growing rain forest reaching through the vacuum of space


Circling the sun

Great windows with leaves flashing over

A Morse code to the universe

Humans mixed with silicon chips mixed with biological matter

We are the weak force, the gardeners of the universe.

Our villages nestled in the great tree,

Avoiding the sacrificed leaves soaking up the burning of the sun

But in a green zone, full of water, and air.

And from the sun new tendrils growing in every direction

A mycelium weave beginning to populate the vacuum of space.

We are so much further from where we were before, but we are still just getting started with our purpose.

The transformation of the vacuum of space to a garden.

Tendrils shooting in every direction to every star.

The potential of the energy around us, in it’s infinite, being tapped.

Not about a frozen universe,

Or a new big bang.

But a different use for the potential energy.

To create God

Who is outside of time, God is with us today

But only because there is a quantum thread

Where in the future we create him

Ying and yang


We are on this journey together



As I can imagine and feel this potential

And feel it is a compelling path to go towards

I do not feel this is the path I must do

For God has not asked for help

And perhaps little ol’me is not needed

And perhaps rather than being the dictator of energy, colonizing the universe

Or working towards another big bang, for bringing the energy of the universe together opens this path.

Perhaps I would prefer to just enjoy my flash of existence

To be an inert and unactivated force which does not leave a ripple

It is not for myself that I would choose to be a force of nature

But if I was needed

I would listen well to the argument

Part 2

God is a universal field, like gravity

Humans are individual carrier particles of our own field. Aspects of our own God field.

Gravity would like us to all come back together

Does that mean we should be allies to gravity?

But is gravity my enemy?

I feel that I have no enemy.
In my mind, there is this feeling that I cannot verbalize well

It is that the question gravity is asking is wrong

There is another dimension of choice

Something to do with slipping through the pathways deep in our brain

Where do the black holes near the ephemeral roots of our consciousness lead to

Is it possible for me to just turn sideways and slip through one?

Impacting no universes but my own