Melancholic Flash (Poetry)

waves of depression pulsating like a cold breeze
can just come at anytime and slip through all the sunshine
but it doesn’t need to be a sad thing
feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders
fall through the vacuums of my mind
feel alone, and alone, and alone
it is okay, a type of beauty
I feel again that I will disappear
I feel again like I am in outer space
The radiation of the universe biting through my thin atmosphere
I am alone
I will always be alone
The infinites of my mind have equations that equal to zero
A flash of light that will dissipate,
Leaving no trace
Let it wash over me
It feels pretty
Let me just enjoy being in the flash of light
It can end any time
But the flash is here now
And then there, on the other,
Without the flash
I imagine it will be pretty as well
I hope that the darkness enjoys being the darkness
I acknowledge my finiteness
I acknowledge infinite that is around me
I breathe deeply and let me for a moment grasp what it is to exist
Let me stare around me, at the cars on the road, the mountains in the distance,
The empty coffee cup in front of me
The gift of music on my ears, wonderful to bring a symphony with me everywhere I go
Strange how sometimes,
The smile when I am at my most fragile
Is the smile that feels the most real
The most full of life