Attempt at Synthesis, 3 (Other)

-The individual should have the space and opportunity in their life to engage with the purpose of their existence

-I do not seek in any way to ever ask anyone to follow me or do as I say. Nor do I intend to follow anyone. We all have the infinite potential of the universe in us. I do believe in shared direction and team work. I am not totally sure how to reconcile these thoughts.

-I will not leave a vacuum on those things I believe. I can create the architecture of my belief system, a map is a useful thing. Dwell on why must revolutions fail, because they do not have an end game.

-there is a question if what do I do with my own energy. I am unsure and confused. I feel the path of God in front of me, but I do not seek to blindly follow God. My hunch is God is a field, perhaps connected to gravity. I believe there is space for collaboration, but the ego of God is a blocker. Faith should be earned, not expected. I believe in God, I do not believe I must by definition follow God

-I am interested in making infectious pop music as a medium of belief dispersal. People don’t listen to what they sing to themselves. Let me make the the next ‘our father’ reverberate as a dance beat. People learn the story of our people through music