Transition (poetry)

Bubbles rise, burst, dissolve After such a quick life They exist no more Just a faint ripple A memory perturbing, Those new bubbles Themselves quickly rising Quickly bursting Quickly existing no longer Nothing but a ripple   Somewhere Deep inside those memories That don’t float down the stream of our minds Until after we truly […]

In Bloom (poetry)

Things run away, can’t find them Yet  we remember, long, and despair their loss Maybe one day the lost are found again But does their reoccurrence make peace With the sorrow when they were departed?   A flower in first bloom That sign of regeneration Sublime and terrible Poignant sign of the constant regeneration The […]

Blue (poetry)

drifting out of place wasn’t there somewhere we were supposed to go wasn’t there something we were dreaming about big open skys still crowd my tired eyes I remember something different then here here is here is here is here but where was I going to? wake up, brush teeth, get dressed, make bed blinds […]