Attempt at Synthesis, 2

  • Human beings are the particles of a force of nature that we do not understand yet
  • We, and all biological life, are a part of this force
  • The most fundamental equation is Energy = Energy
  • Human beings guiding principle, at perfection, is about optimizing and unleashing the energy of the universe at its very maximum
  • As time is a dimension, so is whatever our space is in the universe. We are particles, but are also a wave, existing in all time and all place simultaneously. 
    • We exist already in the quantum optimization where the universe achieves 100%, just as we exist in all the dead strands of the world where annihalation wins
    • We exist as a universal brain, a universe that gains consciousness, just as the root of our conscioness and purpose, is something so deep and internal that what we have already achieved, with flowers and man, may have been far harder than the steps to universal awakening
  • The Big Bang may have just been a mild amount of energy in comparison to what the total energy of the universe can contain
  • The solution to the Dirac Equation is that there was existence in the universe before the big bang, so the equation holds. There was something before
  • The purpose and mathematics of our force is energy creation and optimization. Things like Dyson spheres are stepping stones. The direction is something like building the universe into an interconnected neural network of all energy interlinked together, to be at the very maximum. The ultimate and logical purpose is for the total amount of the universes energy to be utilized at exactly 100%.
  • Human beings awakened to our purpose, we can feel the unifying thread of god. But not because we are closer, but because we are farther away. A flower just grows towards the sun. Humans have to ask questions.
  • It is still a choice in each and every human, to follow our purpose truly, or to hide ourselves from the purpose of the universe
  • The potential of the universe as a whole exists in every single building block of the universe. The potential of the universe is a block chain at a subatomic level. The potential of the universe deeply permeates above and below the state of our consciousness.

Internal notes from Cape Town (3 February 2021):

  • Most efficient use of humanity is to increase the production of energy?
  • To Peter:
    • I was thinking that if we’re looking for intelligent life, we may want to look in instead of out.
    • Like human beings exhibit the must fundamental aspects of free will of anything that we’ve found in the universe, but what is the physical nature of free will.
    • Like, is a neuron a part of a human being, or are neural pathways colonies that have an output that effects us, but are actually individual and independent in their autonomy.
    • But then you could also go the other way, and say the entire universe is one living organism.
    • Nailing down what constitutes intelligent life is something I should dig into.
    • Then does it become a universal field?
  • Hive mind.
  • What does it look like when time is taken out as a variable.
  • Neural evolution as a tentacle through the universe.
    • A seed that grows and goes through.
  • Can the universe gain consciousness?
  • Can we turn the entire universe into a single brain.
  • Stars as individual energy points.
  • The force is a neural network?
  • There was something before the big bang
  • We are creating through quantum identification of paths to create a continuing universe.
  • Because survival is in our person.
  • And we are raw neurons in the cosmic brain.
    • That hasn’t been activated yet.
  • We don’t need to know why or if it should exist.
  • But we can impact it, just as surely as any force in the world can.
  • We can be of a power like / of gravity. But we must activate our power.
  • How do we define life?
  • How do we define forces?
  • What is wrong with the augmentation of technology, for example to make a universal neural network?
  • A seed can climb a tree to reach the sun.
  • We should use all the tools that we can ingenuate.
  • We should be working towards unity, not separation.
  • In our beginning there was just one.
  • Energy equals energy.
  • How can we fully exploit the total energy of the universe, to 100 percent?
  • What could we do with this power?
  • Is the big bang not the end, but the beginning?
  • At the big bang it was just matter, it was gravity that began bringing things together.
  • Evolution, gravity, human free will with a holy purpose?
  • There is something quantum in the theory of Blockchain.
  • How every record carries the whole ledger of all transactions.
  • One way for quantum to work is the pre determination of all necessary scenarios to be programmed deep into the most fundamental building blocks of the universe.
  • Then, with entanglement it is not about breaking the speed of light. But about synchronous revelation, and one path going one way, another the other way.
  • But there is only one true path through the universe. 
  • And I think this may be God.
    • (Reminder of inflation and ultimately the speed of light is not a law, but perhaps we first must understand our fishbowl before we look beyond. Or perhaps not.)
  • Could plants evolve to go into space?
  • Earth is becoming a seed.

Attempt For Unification 1 (Poetry)

is this my ancient mind?
shadows of spirits
weren’t we once rays of light?
particle waves awakened
a force of energy unawakened
searching for purpose
retrograde miniature circles
around a blazing sun
every step a step backwards
every step a step forward
a cosmic purpose
let the dirt know that they will create flowers
let the flowers know that as they grow towards the sun
they create the matter that builds stars
let the stars know they have
that same infinite potential
to become black holes
that permeates human beings
we are in a quantum universe
where everything is possible
and we have in our hands
the entirety of the universe
to direct in any which way
that we choose
patterns of electromagentism
invisible to the naked eye
always the same pattern
north pole to south pole
a radiating force
patterns of light
the only thing our eyes see
a particle and a wave
photons firing
the weak force
the strongest force in the universe
but only active
in a one in a trillion chances
or at best once in a billion
the aggregation of diffused fuel
hiding its power
gravity as an outlier
all we can see
is that obviously it is all related
the aether the world works in
mass to gravity equalling the big bang
and its opposite
going through every dimension
the glue of the universe
traveling at the speed of light
bringing mass together
to form black holes
the ever expanding universe
an attempt to escape gravity
but what is gravity?
who is gravity?
the holy spirit
a thread through the universe
can’t you see it?
what tells a flower to point towards the sun
what tells gravity to bring mass together
magnets to attract and repel
light to be the product of heat
heat to be the product of nuclear forces
nuclear forces to be where matter meets anti matter
the weak force stopping mutual annihalation
a universe still in darkness
all existence a point of light
in a sea of non existence
that once existed
we are an arrow from orions bow
knowing nothing more
than that we awakened
to all the forces we are a part of
not understanding
what our own force plays
our sense of determinism
free will
the most true quantum agent
yet discovered in the universe

Prayer from 25 March 2020 (poetry)

Thank you god for this day
May I make the most of it
May I be as a tree, taking all the energy of the world and putting out only goodness
May I be as a flower, working towards my purpose, growing towards the sun
May I act today, as best I can
As a leader or a follower
As the first or the last
Alone or on a team
Standing on the shoulders of giants, giants standing on my shoulders
Towards a quantum optimization of myself and the world around me
To work towards, at scale, human beings being empowered to have the opportunity to achieve their cosmic purpose
As a seed can become a tree
Or gravity brings mass together
To ignite into stars, to supernova, to become black holes.
May I be unwavering and disciplined,
May I make today count
Watch over those people that I love.

Respect to Moses (poetry)

it’s not about doing whatever you want
it’s about being yourself, with fear
fear of failure
fear that the world doesn’t love you
that you are cast aside
fear that you are wrong
wrong in the things that you dream about
wrong in the way you spend your life
the only gift in the universe we truly have
this life we are living today
and what if we are wasting it
it’s not about doing what you want
fear in every step
remembering the words from when I was sixteen
What if I have peaked
And every day after this day
Is just a little less bright than this day
What if I have peaked
And every day after this
Is just a little less bright than today
It’s not about doing whatever you want
it’s about being yourself, with fear
The desert laid out in front of you
No one saying the words ‘I will follow you’
No idea what is on the other side
But the flower of my heart tells me to grow towards this sun
The purpose of life is mysterious
We will not get the answers, 
Unwavering, with fear
It is time to create momentum
Defy physics
Create motion where there was no motion
Create an avalanche of cascade effects
All meaningless
As meaningless as the birth of a star
Existence our force,
Do with it as we will
Embrace the desert
Loneliness a truth in a near empty universe
That would beg to become a garden
It is time to create momentum
And every day after this day,
It is a step deeper into the desert
Doing nothing at all,
But following my heart

1000 CDF (short story)

Just be quiet just be quiet. Their eyes are all so big, staring at me, I know they are staring why do they look at me, are they looking? How do I know if they are looking if I don’t look back. What if they are looking. Let me keep my head to the ground and keep walking forward and keep walking forward. 
Let me not lose my thread, let me just keep walking forward. The hostility of the world around me is a choice that is partially of my own making. I don’t have all the control but I have some of the control. Don’t make eye contact. Keep going, Don’t stare at my feet, stare ahead, but vacant. These streets are only as hostile as I allow them to be. Keep walking keep walking keep walking.
The street is in ruins, how can it be allowed to be so terrible? Tarmac dating back decades, holes that were old when I was born with no attempt to fill them. And a manic street pulsating and throbbing with motorcycles, cars and so many people moving in every direction imaginable. Don’t stop moving. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t walk too fast. Don’t avoid eye contact. Keep just going forward. Keep just going forward. I’m only going a little bit farther.
Suddenly someone is holding my hand tight. What the fuck. I try to slip my hand quickly away but it is stuck. I try to keep moving forward, shedding this weight on my arm before I even acknowledge it, like having a twig stuck on a shoe and just brush it off. The grip is slippery, even a little wet, but I can’t get my hand out of it.
With my other hand I reach into my back pocket and I take out a small bank note. Still without looking I pass the money to the gripping force behind me. The vice loosens and the money slips out of my hand and now I am free again. I don’t look back. I keep walking forward.