Prayer 30 August 2014 (poetry)

thank you my god for this life you have given me

may I see beauty, share beauty, live beauty and revel in beauty

may I be ever better than myself, mind body and soul

my god

with your hand on mine

on the tiller of my life

may we direct me towards the most perfect version of myself

to where I can become the most positive and powerful version of myself

may I have the strength, passion, dedication, grit and discipline in my heart,

may I have the brilliance, genius clarity in my mind,

and may I have magic in my hands

so that for those people that I love

for the entire world

for myself

I can re-enchant reality

and make the world a deeper and more meaningful place

I want to take those seeds and saplings of humanity

and nurture them

so that they can grow, bloom and blossom

fighting towards the canopy of enlightenment and nirvana

I want to make the world a more level playing field

and raise where the playing field is

I want to be better than myself

better than my weakness

better than my strength

better than my humanity

may I be like a river

may I cut, displace and flood the land

but may I do it for a higher purpose

to follow the natural contours of the land

and bring a new form of sustenance to the world

please watch over all of those people that I love

may my mother have peace in her heart

may she be surrounded by grace, magic and love

and may the world be good to her

may my father have peace in his heart

may he be ever better than himself mind, body and soul

and may the world be good to him

may you watch over my brothers Reston and Tory

may they be becoming who they are meant to be in the world

and may the world be good to them

today, may I be better than myself

and not squander the moment