Time (Poetry)

thoughts not up or down

a new year a new 

thinking of miracles

lives past lives present lives future

this life

thoughts up thoughts down

a meniscus sucked into my lungs

drowning me

just a few microns thick


a new year aknew

such a child

full of curses

adam touching god’s hand

transfer of infinite

life discontinued from time

that thing that was supposed to be done

was maybe done long ago

and will not be seen for a very long time

and then

what about this time

the time inbetween

is it not just as full of the infinite of potential

and the potential of infinite

as that purpose

that was told to be my purpose?

go our own way


a long time since I have written like this

is this still a voice I hold?

is it good to hold that same voice?

I had hoped that there would be growth


magic is real

the door is open

the light bleeds through it

I can see the real shape of the world around me

and I shudder


in the darkness

losing attachment to body

all that is left is mind

time drifts away


are we still full of infinite?


the direction unknown

all I can do

is remember the emptiness of heaven

the emptiness of space

the emptiness of all around

and everything we see

an unreal illusion


moving / floating / drifting

can a mountain feel love? a star? a universe? a rock?

does purpose need consciousness?

may our brains touch

our neural networks touch

the moment fade away

our species fade away

god touches adam

adam touches god

good luck

may the thread to infinite

remain open