taking a break from work (poetry)

sketch be’s a be / seein seen down dawn down / flow / row / reap what you sow / slay ray pray day pain bane sane / lost / updownohsidesise / lie / who’s a who’s a who’s / climb to fall / swim to drown / gravity be a pullin / life be a pilin / s’all down down into the ground / what’s the matta / death aint be the strange / it’s the life we’s neva suspected / how’d this tree get an imac / who’d ever asked to see / but here’s we see / here’s we be / just tryin to decipher / what’s it all mean / who’se be a god / if there aint be no clouds / when we’d pray / do we care if the voice is heard / shriek at the night / the thief / stealin the day / that we didn’t know / didn’t know / was to be ours / what’s be next / why think about later / when this here moment / be a slippin / be a something we need / I aint ready for the other / but who ever asked a me? / the walls fall down / just mud and ash / what was the point of all this light / does a super nova feel pain / it’s purpose was to burn / and it burn out out / what’s be the point / what’s be the non point / dirt be dirt / does it gotta be more? / aint it enough / to grow flowers / seeds that become trees / be the buildin blocks of stardust / how dare we’s forget that this be magic / that god has answered prayer / we just look forward instead of back / aint just bein here enough / what would more look like / why’s would we want more’s anyway / you ask the day as it dies / it don’t say I look to tomorrow / it tells you / it tells you / that today was how the day was was / and it be a universe and a type of infinite / a type of madness to want want want / let us flow through our lives / always at past present and future / touch our deaths with one hand / our births with the other / and who we are today / is all there’s be / is all’s we be