A Type of Mind (poetry)

Falling into a type of mind
Falling into a type of mind
Is this the final version of myself?
Could I be more than this?
Could I be less?
Dreamt bigger
But, then, I never imagined
That jasmine could smell so sweet
Or that I would enjoy the grey in my beard
Sweet songs keep coming up
That I never expected
What if I could be more
What if I could be more
And I am saying no
I am not ready to stare into the void
I want to stare into the blue blue sky
I want to feel love and give love
I thought it was my purpose
To re-enchant reality
What if my purpose
Is to live in an already enchanted reality
Life is beautiful
Yes, probably meaningless
Yes, meaningless
But oh so pretty
Oh so pretty
This could be enough
There could be more
But this could be enough