no more sad dreams (poetry)

no more
sad dreams
fade in
into me
not sure where
we can go
the only way I know
catacalysm in theory
breathe me
can we rise
beat the madness
beat the rhythym
wandering insular
finding new ways to pray
want to be together
and climb the closest nirvana
want to rise together
whisps of evolution
can’t we live this dream
this moment
lit universes of dust
love in our hearts
in a love universe
no more bad things
hand in hand
universes gliding
I’m there
I’m there
I’m there
I’m here
Not disappeared
Not the same
Revelation always through a thin layer
Revolution just a matter of mind
Now there is no more past
Who I was
Who we were
Is immutably gone
Through the veil
Here we are are
Shall we call this new place home
So scared
Always scared
Always scared
Moving ahead
Not letting scared stop me
Not afraid to be afraid
Running running
Life filling
The darkness swirling
Hand in hand
Angels or the devil
Who knows
Who cares
In love regardless
Fighting ourselves
Back into the cracks
Forward as backwards
Backwards as forwards
Back to dust
Dissipating into the sky
Another metamorphosis
No sadness
The universe is a garden
Sadness is happiness
Loss a part of having
Hold me
Hold me
Before we disappear