Reflections on Purpose (Poetry)

Again escaping the universe
Walking through the infinites of my mind
Touching nothing close to reality
Escaped escaping
Not looking to be lost
Floating in before birth

Of course the universe serves no purpose
Of course we serve no purpose
There is no agenda
God has no voice
Except the sound we make

Again a delirious angel
A delirious devil
A delirious nothing
A delirious something

Light illuminated the universe
Darkness shrouds the universe
Outside of the universe
Things can move faster than light
Outside of the universe
Outside of the universe
Outside of the universe

Past the farthest star
Outside the universe
Inside the most quantum fractals in our neocortexes
Outside the universe
The bridge to outside of the universe
Inside the roots of our physical consciousness

We are just walking universes
What is outside of the universe of ourselves
Is just another universe
What is inside?
Is it all universes
All the way down?

Of course the universe serves no purpose
God has no voice
Except the voice we give him
But what if we choose to have purpose?
Is it not a choice?
What if it is not for the universe to have purpose
An unconscious mass
An aquarium
Why does man keep passing the burden to nature
When in our hands
In our hands
In our hands what?

What is purpose?
What is purpose?
What is purpose?
Not what is our purpose.
What is purpose

Is purpose necessary?
Is it okay for the universe to be as a bubble
To exist for a moment
From bang to pop
Then just dissipate or freeze or whatever
To go back to being outside the universe
Is that not fine?

A red blood cell carries oxygen it has purpose
A mother nurtures her egg, she has purpose
Ra raises the sun every morning, he has purpose
The water nurtures soil and breeds fish and provides oxygen
Water has purpose
Examples of purpose exist everywhere

All these building blocks that have purpose
Do they really add up to a universe without purpose?
The entirety of the universe
With every dream of man
With every flight of bird
With every snow peaked mountain
All reality
Every magic that passes through a human beings mind
Is the culmination all a universe without purpose?

Of course the universe has no purpose
It is just a bubble
Of course the universe has to have purpose
What is the point of being in a pointless universe
And if we are to be here
Must we have a point?
Or are we ourselves pointless?

Purpose can just be a hallucinogenic to make peace with a meaningless reality
We are therefore we think
And we recocile
Illusions of grandeur
Fabricate gods
Hallucinate purpose
What if the same way we hallucinated consciousness
And consciousness is now real
What if we can hallucinate purpose for the universe
And this purpose becomes real?

How strange that the universe is composed of matter and anti matter
Yet in the pro-creation that takes place in the garden of earth
Where aspects of the Weak Nuclear Force manifest physically
When two opposing forces come together
The result is children and evolution

What is the purpose for our children?