Dreaming New (Poetry)

Coming towards conclusions
Seemingly logical
1+1 = 2
Though I just learned 2+2=٤
May I speak directly, if only for myself
For myself,
The question raised by the Dirac equation is why is there a universe at all?
There is an expectation that matter and anti-matter made in equal abundance at the big bang
Each anti having its proto
Seeking each other and upon impact both sides experience mutual annihilation
But instead we have the experimental proof that matter is more than its anti
our own existence
a real, if small, unannihalated pocket of matter at a very great distance in time from the initial milliseconds of the Big Bang
(How many times have I lived the length of time of the initial phases of the Big Bang?)
I had decided on my own solution to the Dirac equation
That extra matter was an insemination of matter from a different universe

or, so I had thought until this moment
now I realize I have been self blind,
For there are many other options
But as I dwell on it,
As a part of my own evolutionary thinking
I wonder at a different solution to the extra matter in the Big Bang

Perhaps proto and anti are made in equality,
Obeying the Dirac equation
But there was a scatter, and it just takes time for matter to meet its anti
(Even in a Big Chill or a Big Freeze?)
What then if the Big Bang just starts a countdown?
To matter meeting its antimatter.
And then there is no pathway to infinite?

Have I solved my own problem?
Perhaps the predicted heat death of the universe is the solution
Matter never meeting it’s matter
Frozen in place
Could a garden grow there?
Is not a part of infinite also infinite energy?
Is not the heat death of the universe expected to bring the energy of the universe down to zero?
Then even infinite in time multiplied by zero in energy equals zero

Is that an infinite in time, frozen in space, is that the worst threat? Or from those pockets of isolation could we use the time to reignite the universe. A pilot, unconstricted by the time crunch of rapid annihilation?

Have a fabricated a new dream?
For I do not like blind enemies
And if I was to meet my anti, I would hope to meet them for a coffee or a beer
If my anti did not annihilate me
Such a waste of energy, mutual annihalation
Mythical fixed pie theory,
When all the energy together
In collaboration
Would be the connection of the two strands of the universe
An infinite from the future
An infinite from the past
Now what was annihalation
Is a connected union
The thread complete
Is that infinite?
Have I fabricated a new dream?