Fading (poetry)

Poetry as a form of rage
Poetry as a form of madness
My fingers in these keys
Thought I had forgotten
But what if this is what forgetting feels like
Empty mind
Wasted breaths
I used to have more fun being me
What is next
What is next
What is next
Types of fear
Types of madness
Don’t join my sadness
Why is there the need
Be yourself
It would be unfair
But it can be a north star
A way I can be safe too
Let me push you over the wall
The wall of my own ineptitude
The wall of my shortness
Push over
You find the sun
Find the sun
Find the sun
Haha, maybe I take a light touch of your bum
I do have to push you, you know?
But, I’m about to disappear
Screams of humanity
Walls crashing down
Fuck it all
And fuck me too, that’s fine
I knew forever I would disappear,
So, fade away
Dream away
Fuck the world away
I am looking forward to being a tree again
Or a molecule of gas in a vacuum
Float, drift away
The problem was that I hoped I would exist more than this
I had a strong assumption
That this would be the life where I matter
Prayer to you

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