A Day Of Smiles (poetry)

a day of smiles
grimacing cheerfully
don’t let this be like all the others
fear and grace leave these words
let there be just emtion
but specific emotion
words in a heart
heart in the words
that is like all the others
those things that don’lt say what need to be said
breathe in breathe out
breathe in breathe out
breathe in breathe out
the words are not these
do the words exist?
breathe in breathe out
is being alive a pleasure?
yes, yes. why not
there is no emotion
there is a bursting,
the dam does not break
is there a we in these words
if we could stare each other in the eyes
to just exist
but that is not real
not lonely, but everyone is alone
interconnectedness is not the fate of man
to search and not find
to find what is incomprehensible
bark at the night
scream at the day
all is something
let there be a primality
a free growing towards the sun
let us not understand
the words are not here
where are the words
the words are not here
what is it that needs to be said?
breathe in breathe out
the words are not here

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