from the side of the road (poetry)

is a blessed life
a holy life
a type of life
just life
everyday life
everyday wonder
everyday bliss
everyday glory
what was it again
what was it again?
those things we dreamed about
they seemed to full of color
like a tropical bird
flitting in front of a sepia painting
things aren’t bad are they
which is also to say they aren’t good
if that is all the clarity mustered
wake the fuck up
can’t we wake up
where is the hope and dream and love and magic
was it ever there?
just some fever dream
memories just a mirage
this imperfect day
remembered imperfectly as perfect
go somewhere do something
do this
not that
this THIS
maybe that, if you like
it’s your life
don’t get stuck in molasses
give it a lick
and remember it is sweet

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