Drafts From A Bar (poetry)

Remind yourself of what you hate
And do not do it
Do what you love
And if you believe in it
Then let all the world hate you
But do what you love
And what if you hate yourself
Locked in to the honest path of darkness
While everyone else has a path of light
Then I tell you look in the shadows
For those demons you are most afraid of
Are those with the greatest love

Flee myself to free myself

And for awhile there
I forgot that I am supposed to be by myself
Lost is the dream
Of the love in the world around me
Silly Nash
You always knew that wasn’t for you
I hope it was a pleasant dream

Lost again
Flawed again
Lost again
Flawed again
La la state of mind
Circling winding
Dreams of flying
Lost again
Flawed again

Loathe yourself
Butterflies in your stomach
Depression in your eyes
Madness in your mind
But did you believe in it
Did you believe in it?

If you’re sick of being alone
I’m there

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