Banana (poetry)

light as light as light as light as light as light
intoxicated and fall and live and fly and dream
can you hear me?
big again
let me ruffle my feathers and be big for a second
then deflate
inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale
the words dry up dry up

cockroach on the table scurrying, scary, can’t kill it can’t kill it

how are we dreaming this day day
how are we seeing
all those things said
there is a such thing as a victory lap
but a failure lap seems a bit foolish
all those words to scream
and here I am
even unreadable to myself
Oh not so exhausted
Just so myself, that motherfucker
You know, the guys you love, but man,
why can’t he shut up and just just
I learned that yesterday when they built the pyramids they used weighted pulleys to make it easier to lift the great bricks, that’s clever
Sniffing the air and there is this rich air
And I get lost and flow and dance a bit
Even if I walk straight and don’t don’t smile
And I think of my run from Bosomin along the road with the wells where the air was so sweet it could choke and I’d shit on the side and feel wild and that tanker flipped but didn’t explode and the way I remember it is a memory so far so pure was it real those spiders in my room or the rain on my roof or Charles and Emmanuel playing in my room was it all real?
Inhale exhale
I am fatter than I was, but even then I was worried of being fat, yet here I am also giving less of a fuck than I used to, why was I so unhappy then
Exhale inhale
Easy tricks
Subtle repetition
The visualization of the attempt
East to deconstruct
Where is the art?
But doesn’t it feel honest?
And isn’t art about honesty?
But if I could rhyme I would
Just, a sense I’m missing
In my disappearing
Lost ways always
But hey, with my friends!
La la la la
Sigh glide
Prayer mutter
I was reading Herman Hesse quotes
What do I give?
Except an internal monologue
Over a glass of wine
Sign glide
Knuckles white white white white white white
All this potential energy
Just waiting for the the right hour
Could I supernova
Could I supernova
Energy neither created or destroyed
All this wasted time
Does it spoil
A banana on the shelf?
Can’t it go somewhere
Can’t it go somewhere

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