Barbara’s Crescent (poetry)

Breathe in breathe out
Look out the window, eyes open
Feel alive
Be alive
Who is it you thought you are?
Is this who you want to be?

Talking loud
Everyone can hear you
Isn’t that what you want
To be the center
All eyes on you
But do you know who you are?
Are you the best version of yourself?

The streets have children playing
Sometime cars drive by too fast
But it is not so often
The road is very safe
They are playing tag on an empty lot
There are bushes
Strong and green, what is their name?
They are big enough for the children to hide behind
They are having so much fun
Tag, you’re it
Jacob, Marla, Amie, Keri
Was that really me playing?
Why can’t I play again now?

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