Can I Ask You (poetry)

do you feel this hole?
void vacancy abyss missing, missing, missing a core a key a light
like your eyes are seeing too much
or maybe not seeing anything real
can we touch?
do you feel alone?

walking past each other
these big empty coats, they hide the real
don’t see each other
don’t see into each other
do we both wonder bigger?
dream about these walking shadows?

remembering that lil curve of a smile
your hair curly, eyes alive, lil curve of a smile
wanna let us be?
wanna buy into the dream?
I’ll give you a lil curve of a smile back
let’s say whatever
let’s say we’ll be together
waking up and fearing
waking up and wondering

What if we mess up?
What if we get hurt?
What if we fall in love?
My heart is phoney dark never turned on
What if I mess up?
What if I hurt you?
What if you fall in love?

you touch my skin I don’t feel lightning
you are sweet, you said it first
I didn’t believe it when you said it
I don’t mean it when I say it
Though, you are kinda sweet
maybe we should grow up
stop dreamin
start believin

that second of fire
anger scary, out of control
put water on the heat
here we turn into stone
cold, where did the fire go
who wants to be cold?
if only there was more than one life to live
maybe there aren’t so many dreams to dream
I would do things different

is there any any any one who really feels love
is there ANY one who really feels love?
what’s it like?
share with us blind the color of love
share with us deaf the song of passion
lovers know the truth
they see the flowers worth stopping for
what is love / what is love
is it the lightning bolt?
what’s it like to have someone else stare at you
deep in your eyes
what is it like to have another person hold you?
just do nothing but hold you?
does it feel like not being alone?
could anything be that good?

we should use the word love more often
not I love you, get in my bed
I love you
because, here we are
lost souls
not knowing that we’re all lost
all looking, screeching, searching, losing
we’re all lost
all feeling alone
even if we don’t know it
the world is more mysterious
more complicated
more enchanted
of course we’re lost
how else to respond
to the mystery of being alive
embrace being lost
love being lost
can I ask you
you you/you
let us be lost together?
maybe that is love
maybe that is love

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