dream bigga (poetry)

yeah you
pretendin to big eyes
like your heads been exploded
like your dreams been bigger than you
let me tell you the wild
not what this is
mediocre melancholia
we’s be bigger than bullshit
do it all again right
imagine a different dream
if we’s was to be was again
what would be different
is we don’t look at the ground
we looks to the sky
even if we’s still walkin
these same old steps
dreama darlin wonder
wannabe love
wannabe dreama
oh shit
I nevas thought to be this me
you wanted to be you?
I don’t think so
but this is all that we are
this is all that we be
this is all we get to see
I love it
can you loves it
can you smile, for awhile, suckoutthe bile
lets dream bigger again
lets dream biggest again

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