Om (poetry)

Hands shaking
I say to my hands be still
And they keep shaking
I say to my mind
And my heart
Be still
And yet

Looking forever for the lightning bolt
Oh I pray to see it
Oh to illuminate this dark beauty
I never look perfectly up
Into heaven
And see that the lightning bolt is here
Forever striking right on my head
God is here in the light
Just as he is here in the dark
And I pray
And I pray

And I said to you
Do not fear the turmoil
Hearts are not things man was made to understand
Instead lift your hands to the sky
Look up at that blue
Feel the lightning
And I ask you to say anything
Except that god is good

The flat ground clapping your feet
Sprint run fly grace god prayer magic peace
I see the peace
I know there is god
I understand
I understand

Let me fly
Let me dream
Let me scream
But not the dark scream
The light scream
The magic scream
God is in the air
Take the light and make it dark
Take the dark and make it light
I don’t ask to know the truth

Through this dark veil
I see enough of the shapes
To call them monsters
But if the veil was lifted
And the blue sky fell on everyone
Perhaps those devils
Could be called angels

The time passes
The time is passed
Oh float and still be
Remember the flavour of the magic
And even as it disappears
Remember that it is your choice for it to disappear
The aether is here
Feel it
Do not be frightened, father
Do not be frightened, child
Know that you swim in magic
And that it is here, so much
As we breathe it,
We cannot forget
Let the lightning keep striking
Let the blue sky be forever over head
Let prayer fill your mind
Prayer like this
I will be neither good nor evil
I will be neither past nor present
Happy or unhappy
All I will be, is be
One with eternity
An electron floating flying
An atom decaying and building
And all there is
In all this magic
Is the choice to look at the sky
And remember that it is blue

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