Dream from 2:45am 7 Apr 2022 in Beirut, in a safe place (Other)

Dream from a few moments ago
Chasing some demon
Running but I cannot go fast enough
I am in a tribe with my cartoon brothers, they are annoying. Like South Park boys.
I am chasing the demon
I know he may be me myself
But I still chase
I am going fast and I am not catching
It tears my brain apart
We have done a great circle
The dimensions recede, it is more primitive than Lego Island
We are approaching the tropical cocktail bar we left
There is a great mirror ahead we are running towards it
The mirror will reveal everything

I fire my single pixel Atari gun, I don’t think I hit anything but I do not know for sure

It is me I was chasing
The one I was chasing and I have had a reverse schismogenesis where we morph together
I am not surprised and I am not horrified
I am taken away
The purpose of the story may be the fabric of the tablecloths
A katenke cloth pattern of
Friendly cartoon African hands, densely holding each other
In an endless weave
The dream is not a nightmare
But it is also not not a nightmare
The first part I write down is the part of the cloth:

Network of black the rip style cartoon hands, linked together in like an African fabric, connected by holding hands together. Very dense.