Seemingly insignificant dream from 5 May 2022, lying in bed in Beirut (poetry)

Dream I just had
I am a part of a professional team
Like half Adalo half being in Swamp version of Iraq
Chrystina and others are there
We are fighting guerilla war against a very powerful enemy
But we are holding our own
Our enemy is very well organized with far better resources
The enemy is searching for something
Like a newspaper bundle strap
It seems so insignificant
The ground is littered with them
But for some reason they want this one only
And because they are our enemy, even though we don’t have it we want to deny it from them
The others have been at this war longer than me
But they are not grizzled veterans, it feels like Adalo
Everyone is trying hard but it feels a lot like posturing and prancing
The event chases us
It should be horrifying but it is manageable, we’ve been living this way for some time
Suddenly everyone shouts at me that I have the totem the American Army like enemy are searching for
We all start running, my compatriots working to protect me and deceive
I am supposed to throw it somewhere
The war / game is to throw it somewhere
It’s half the Lord of the Rings going to Mordor
It’s half just playing make believe on the playground at school
I’ve got the one ring newspaper strap
Let’s me destroy it before the enemy gets to me
I’m running in a big circle, basically doing laps, almost of like Randerson Ridge
The enemy is all around me, but I don’t see anyone
But in my heart there is the chance that this pressure on me is very important
I don’t even know what I have that is important
It really can’t be this newspaper strap thing
I go and run and run and by the grace of grace I’m able to throw the strap into a marsh without the enemy getting me
The game is over for now but my own side is happy I deceived well, but they don’t believe what I threw was the right strap
They think I did have the right strap at some point
I’m a bit confused, that’s the only strap I had
And it was just a strap!
But things are winding down now
Someone remembers a woman who will give us information for money
And she presents some finding to our leaders that gives them the answer to the next step of what we do
It all feels like a game
But it feels, I guess, like war