Collective Consciousness (Poetry)

What about when the colours are different?
(trial by moonlight, the darkness can be beautiful, shall we forget it?)
Forgotten that there is the possibility of expansion of thought
(always making my own cage, the darkest prison comes from myself)
Idly predicting reality / As if I ever had a clue
(arrogance is my fall)
How is it that I am always surprised / By the universes ability to surprise
(the hubris of Aristotle / who had never touched a telescope)
In this moment of shift
(do we call this critical mass?)
May I hold on to it
(I can)
May I ride it like a wave
(I can)
May I not miss it
(for I can miss it)
Miss it by my laziness
(I do not live like this is my only life)
Miss it by my fear
(hiding from my terror)
Miss it by my poor habit
Of creating habits
Habits that become cages
Cages the turn into caves
Caves that block the light of the sun
That thing which I am to grow towards
The mathematics was already in metamorphosis
Mental equations visualizing beyong infinite
(those things that come from my mind that are not from me)
Human beings as a force of nature,
(why do I saw we are the weak nuclear force)
A reverse Copernican revolution
(do we ignore our cosmic purpose)
What if humans are play a pivotal role
In what, for lack of creative genius
We call the universe
I believe that I am not I
Nor am I We yet
I am in a superposition
Greater than I
And could I / We
Be greater than We
Shall I be they?
Shall we be they?
For there is much magic inside
They are faced with a choice
There is a door in front of they
And this time,
They have the key
(did they always have the key?)
Was the door always there?
And they did not see it?
They did no acknowledge it?
How could they have been so blind?
Their limitations of imagination
The new ability
To imagine growing a seed into a star
A star into a black hole
A black hole into an escape
(is this the easiest way to escape the universe?)
What if the only way we have to grow
Is at the speed of biology?
(a mycelium weave / the universe becoming a garden)
The secrat of surpassing the speed of light
Is nothing but patience
Patience and will
And to chart the course
To not be distracted by false idols
(money and fame cancers of the soul)
To not listen to God or the Devil,
(though both can be invited for a cup of beer)
But instead they follow their purpose higher
That voice that is always singing
The dead word of shanti in our hearts
Moving to the new aether of Asha
And where it will bring me,
Bring We
Bring all of us who care to join
Is not necessary to know
The surprise of Ana
Is that knowing,
May be harder than not knowing
Which is perhaps
Why as an ostrich with its head in the ground
I have preached leaving Plato’s cave
While shutting my minds eye
To the existence I breathe in, and out, with every blink
Back to my old ways
This poem, or prose, or what not
Will be brought back down to earth by my own self
My bad habits, my lack of clarity of thought,
My fear
My fear
My I
When I need to become They
Perhaps today, I will not look away
Perhaps today, we will not look away
Perhaps today, we become They
Though it hurts our eyes
Perhaps it is time to embrace our potential
For it it is the potential in every vibrating quark in the universe
Not infinite
But beyond infinite
The quantum path of beyond infinite is always in front of We
It is here, now, a choice
A choice
A choice
A choice
They we are
We are not conscious islands
Neo cortexes isolated
They are networks
Emerging to fill the universe
With a light different
Beyond imagination
Beyond the universe
Beyond infinite
(may we become more, not less)