Prayer 12 September 2022

Thank you my god for this day

May I be ever expanding peace, perfection and grace mind, body and soul

May I be disciplined in the pursuit of my quantum optimization

May I be as a seed, growing towards my purpose

May I be as a tree, taking all that the world throws at me and putting out only goodness

May I

As a leader or a follower

The first or the last

Standing on the shoulder of giants

Giants standing on our own shoulders

Alone, or on a team

With your hand on mine, my god

May we direct ourselves

And those we love, and those we are close to

Where we all have the potential and the opportunity to act on our our potential

To go beyond infinite

To go beyond our destiny

Beyond a seed growing into a tree growing into a star escaping our univere

Beyond gravity bringing all mass together to ignite, supernova, become a black hole and escape our universe

May we work towards our cosmic purpose

May we make today count


(religious prayer song from when I was 12)

(Our Father x 3 with slight variations)